In Trans-Baikal Territory deputy mayor of Chita detained on suspicions of abusing office

The investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee in Trans-Baikal Territory continue investigating a criminal case against officials of Chita administration suspected of abusing office (part 3 of article 285 of the RF Penal Code) and against unidentified individuals suspected of fraud on an especially massive scale (part 4 of article 159). Today local investigating bodies have detained Vyacheslav Shulyakovsky, deputy mayor of Chita and chairman of the committee for developing infrastructure of administration of town district town of Chita on suspicions of abusing office. The investigators have searched Shulyakovsky’s flat. In the near future they are going to decide over restraint.

According to investigators, in 2012 unidentified persons in agreement with the officials of the committee for developing the town infrastructure stole from the town budget almost 13 million rubles allocated for purchasing flats for orphans. The officials of the town administration artificially restricted access to auctions on purchasing flats for orphans. To do that they changed some letters in the words of the auction notices for Latin ones when posting them in the Internet thus making them harder to be tracked through search engines. After each auction there was one winning company, from which they bought flats at considerably overstated prices. This way in May 2012 they bought 9 flats in Chernovsky and Ingodinsky districts of Chita worth in total 12 million rubles, with real price no higher than 7.4 million rubles. In November 2012 using the same scheme they bought another 11 flats in Chernovsky district worth in total 16 million 100 thousand rubles with real price no higher than 7 million 700 thousand rubles. The total sum of the loss is estimated at 12 million 795 thousand rubles.

At present investigating and search operations are underway to find all the circumstances of the crime. Investigation is ongoing.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                       V.I. Markin