Investigators of Russia’s investigative Committee help French colleagues investigating murder of Russian Businessman

As a result of constructive cooperation with competent bodies of the French Republic within mutual implementation of international legal orders, a French investigating team consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior will arrive in Moscow between 10 and 14 February.

The Russia’s Investigative Committee is organizing a joint work on the criminal case against a number of accused of murdering Russian businessman Mikhail Lanin and attempted murder of Yelena Pravoslavnova committed in France in 2011.

Such work with the French law enforcement concerning certain criminal investigations has become regular. Lately a number of Russian investigators have efficiently worked in France concerning their investigations under the requests of legal assistance, which has helped to get more evidence.

In addition, it should be noted that thanks to efficient cooperation with French prosecutors and the opportunity for representatives of the Russia’s Investigative Committee to take part in hearings in France concerning extradition of Alexey Kuznetsov, the court has ruled to extradite the latter to Russia.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                       V.I. Markin