Investigation finished in Dalniy Vostok trawler wreck

The Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has finished investigating a criminal case in the sinking of the Dalniy Vostok refrigerator trawler in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Top managers of OOO Magellan – first deputy CEO Alexey Vasin, deputy CEO of Magellan Alexander Kudritsky, CEO Yegor Gashchenko (wanted), former captain Anatoly Borisov, head of department for safety of navigation, certification and surveillance over fishing boats of Sakhalinrybflot of the Federal Fishing Agency Nikolai Kharchenko, a state inspector of marine department of the Federal Fishing Agency Alexander Nikodimenko are under investigation. Depending on the role of each one they are charged with crimes under part 3 of article 263 of the RF Penal Code (violation of safety standards for traffic and operation of water transport entailing death of two or more people), part 3 of article 290 (bribery), part 3 of article 285 (abuse of power).

According to investigators, the Dalniy Vostok trawler sunk within 15 minutes in the Sea of Okhotsk on 2 April 2015. 62 people were killed, 7 went missing, 63 anglers were rescued. The investigators revealed that the reason for the wreck was that the ship had listed on port side resulted from lifting a trawl with a heavy catch (around 130 tonnes). A number of circumstances also helped: the ship already had small, but evident list on its port side; even before the trawl was lifted the ship had already been overloaded by at least 30 tonnes, while sea stores in double-bottom tanks were minimal and some other factors. The sum of all said circumstances caused progressing flooding of trawler’s rooms as it was in faulty technical condition and because neither the crew nor passengers took proper measures to save people aboard and the ship, which demonstrated improper condition of security management system and negligence of those in charge of it.

At present, the investigators have examined the sunk trawler using a Seaeye Tiger 870 apparatus. They got pictures and footage, 3D footage and other evidence vital for the investigation.

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