Accomplice of former director of Federal Penitentiary Service Nikolai Martynov finishes reading criminal files

The Moscow Directorate of the Investigative Committee has finished the investigation against Nikolai Martynov charged with crimes under Part 4 of Article 159 of the RF Penal Code (fraud on a very large scale).

According to investigators, in 2010-2012, the accused acted in an organized criminal group and fraudulently stole over 1.2 billion rubles allocated to the Federal Penitentiary Service from the federal budget to buy electronic control devices. However, the devices were purchased at prices overstate by several times. This way, a stationary control device costing 19 thousand rubles was purchased for 108 thousand rubles, and a mobile control device for 128 thousand rubles against 19 thousand. The Russian budget suffered the damage of at least 2.7 billion rubles.

The investigators revealed that the Federal Penitentiary Service had concluded the governmental contract for the supply of the said devices without bidding with the Service’s Center of IT Logistics and Communication which in turn concluded contracts with two legal entities controlled by Martynov.

As became known earlier, to repay for the assistance in stealing the budget money Martynov gave over 140 million rubles in cash to former director of the Federal Penitentiary Service Aleksandr Reimer.

The investigation was complicated as it required a lot of investigative and procedural operations, forensic inquiries such as accounting, merchandising, technical, handwriting and others.

The criminal case against Martynov was severed to form a separate lawsuit as he had made a cooperation deal.

At present the accused and his lawyers have finished reading the files in accordance with Article 217 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code. The case will soon be sent for the indictment to be approved and then to be referred to court.

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