Investigators Will Give Legal Evaluation to Instances of Desecration of Monuments to Soviet Soldiers in Lithuania

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A. I. Bastrykin has instructed the investigators of the Central Office to document and investigate the circumstances of the desecration of monuments to Soviet soldiers in two cities of the Republic of Lithuania.

According to the available information, the monuments to Soviet soldiers located at the burial sites in the town of Seta, Kedainiai District, and in the town of Kurkliai, Anyksciai District, were doused with paint. It is noted that 221 soldiers of the Soviet Army are buried at the military cemetery in the town of Kurkliai, 236 soldiers and officers are buried in Seta.

The department head has instructed the Main Investigative Department to investigate all the circumstances of the incident within the framework of the criminal case and to take measures to identify the perpetrators of the illegal act in order to hold them criminally liable later.