The criminal case is launched against the Verkhovna Rada Valentin Nalivaychenko for the public calls to violence in relation of Russian soldiers.

The MD of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched the criminal case against the Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Valentin Nalivaychenko. He is suspected in committing a crime accordance with paragraphs «а», «b» Part. 2 Art. 282 The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the incitement of hatred in relation to the military servicemen social group, committed in public, connected to the threat of violence, using its official position).

According to the investigation, it became known that  V.A. Nalivaychenko being on one of the TV channels air, voiced the threats towards the Russian soldiers, who take part in the special military operation. Nalivaychenko told:  «As a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, I am assure that we need to vote for the fact that we need to find everyone and punish each of them cruelly…  the same as terrorists they must be neutralized, whenever they are».

These statements contain signs of incite hatred towards the Russian servicemen and are directed against the interests of the Russian Federation.

The Investigation takes measures towards Nalivaychenko being prosecuted.