Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia A.I. Bastrykin instructs to establish the circumstances of a media representative being injured

Chairman of the Investigative Committee A.I. Bastrykin instructs the MID IC of Russia to investigate the fact of injury to the RT military correspondent during the mortar shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Popasny gorod.

According to the data available, on April 12, the RT Correspondent Vlad Andritsa was on the front line in the Popasnoye, Lugansk People's Republic. During the Ukrainian Military retreat, almost the entire city was destroyed. As a result of the shelling, the fragment of the projectile fell into a journalist.  The body armor saved his life.

A.I. Bastrykin instructed the investigators to hold the range of procedures due to establish the circumstances and persons committed this crime for their further prosecution.