CEO of commercial organization accused of restricting people’s access to water pools to appear in court in Moscow region

Investigative bodies of the RF Investigative Committee for Moscow region have solved the case against a 43-year old CEO of Co Ltd Olvi-V Oleg Vetrov. He is charged with the crime under part 1 of article 330 of the RF Criminal Code (arbitrariness).

According to the investigation’s version, Vetrov, breeching requirements of articles 6 and 27 of the RF Water Code, ordered to close the gates located in the company’s premises and thus denying local people an access to water pools, namely to the tributary of the Klyazma and the brook. Thereby he set an unauthorized access mode to the riverside for the citizens only residing in Klyazma district of Pushkino town administration and village Cherkizovo of Pushkinsky district of Moscow region. Residents of Pushkinsky municipal district actively contested these wrongful actions. Thanks to their active co-operation the investigators managed to collect enough proof and to forward the case in the court to be considered on merits.

In connection with frequent appeals to the Investigative Committee with complaints on unauthorized seizure of riverside lands and closing access to water pools, Chairman of the SK Alexander Bastrykin instructed heads of territorial investigative departments to check all facts of arbitrariness. Thereby, for the present the investigative bodies are carrying out 6 pre-investigative checks and 11 files have been sent to interior bodies under jurisdiction. Leadership of RF SK control progress and results of procedural checks.