Deputy Head of Investigative Department of Tver Region Police detained for bribery

The Vice-Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee based on the records received from the Tver Region Office of the Federal Security Service has initiated a criminal investigation against Deputy Head of the Organized Crime Investigative Department of the Tver Region Office of the Russian Ministry of the Interior Dmitry Kamshilin suspected of a crime under part 6 of article 290 of the RF Penal Code (bribery on a very large scale).

According to investigators, in late July 2015, Kamshilin realizing that by virtue of his position he could affect the decisions made by his subordinate investigator over a criminal case investigated in the police, demanded from a person who acted in the interest of the accused to give him a bribe of 2 million rubles. On 28 August 2015, the suspect received part of the bribe of 600 thousand rubles in a car parked near a house in Gorky street in the city of Tver.

At present Kamshilin is detained and restraint is expected. The investigation is ongoing.