Inner Security Service of Investigative Committee prevents act of corruption

Officials of the Inner Security Service of the Russia’s Investigative Committee and Federal Security Service for the city of Moscow have detained head of the Chekhov District Investigative Department of the Moscow Region Main Investigations Directorate Andrey Suraykin.

Suraykin tried to get 3 million rubles from a defendant accused of crimes under articles 285, 292, 159 of the RF Penal Code for assisting him in getting a non-custodial punishment.

The crime was revealed and prevented by the Inner Security Service of the Russia’s Investigative Committee. The man was caught red-handed and we are going to get the case to the end, that is to get it into court. However unpleasant it is, we are not going to hide the fact or treat the detainee in some special way so that to parry the blow or to keep the image. This position of the Investigative Committee is a lesson to everybody who has chosen or is going to choose such a road. There will be no mercy, no lenience. Only honest and faithful officials will be working in the Investigative Committee, whatever time and strength that will take. The Investigative Committee must and is a model of professionalism, legal awareness and commitment.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                 V.I. Markin