Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Check Media Information about Sexual Violence in Orphanages

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A. I. Bastrykin instructed the Main Investigative Department of the IC of Russia and Acting Head of the MID of the IC of Russia for St. Petersburg M. G. Parastaeva to study the information published on one of the websites about sexual assault on children from orphanages of various types, including in St. Petersburg.

Thus, in the published material, the journalists raise the issue of the “orphan lobby” operating in juvenile authorities' interests. The situation of one of victims in a criminal case on sexual violence – who has now left a St. Petersburg orphanage – is described. According to the article, the Investigative Committee of Russia established 23 facts of violence supported by sufficient evidence. At the same time, it is noted that the Kirovsky District Court of St. Petersburg “not only paradoxically devalued the investigators' colossal work, but also ignored the children's ruined lives.”

Chairman of the IC of Russia A. I. Bastrykin pointed out the need to evaluate the previously unknown data as part of a procedural check. In addition, the department head requested a report on the execution of previously given instructions in connection with the court consideration of a criminal case on violent acts against the pupils of the center for orphans and children left without parental care Family Education Assistance Center No. 8.