Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs Investigators to Identify Persons Involved in the Ill-Treatment of Russian Military Personnel

The Chairman of the IC of Russia has instructed investigators to identify Ukrainian nationalists involved in the ill-treatment of Russian military personnel.

In published videos, released Russian servicemen report that the Ukrainian nationalists who captured them used firearms against prisoners causing fatal wounds or serious injuries, deprived prisoners of sleep, water, food, systematically beat them, kept them in unsuitable conditions, without providing even minimal medical care.

The actions taken violate the norms of international law. The provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War establish that inhumane treatment and actions endangering the health of prisoners of war are considered as a serious violation of this Convention.

Russian servicemen who have suffered from ill-treatment will be recognized as victims and interrogated as part of a criminal case about the circumstances of the crimes committed against them. The investigation will organize the necessary procedures aimed at establishing the identities, places of service and other data of Ukrainian nationalists and their commanders involved in these atrocities.